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The Process

Successful collections are the result of successful partnerships.


Once you partner with AIH, we immediately begin identifying accounts for collection and work quickly to get all data into our system. Receiving complete, accurate account information as early as 60 days past due is the key to maximizing recoveries. Following file review and entry, a final list of accounts is always provided to clients. We then continue to gather and enter additional accounts each month as receivables age.


Federal law dictates that third-party collectors provide notice to consumers of their right to request validation of debts. Once AIH verifies debts within client records, we send notice and disclosure to the last known address for all borrowers (including co-borrowers and guarantors). If requested, we provide the debtor with documentation of the debt before proceeding.


Generally about 30 days after receipt, we assign accounts to experienced collectors who check files for accuracy and mine them for valuable collection information. Any “bad address” accounts requiring skip tracing are re-routed accordingly.


Typically, on accounts of $99 or less, if all efforts to produce location information are unsuccessful, the account is returned as an “un-located skip” and detailed on the monthly Cancel Report. If efforts have failed on accounts of $100 or more, collectors may use the Acollaid database to gather additional location information, as well as access credit bureau report inquiries, county public records and/or tax records.


Once accounts go into collectors’ routes, they begin a rigorous call campaign to recover the greatest possible volume of receivables. Our collectors are trained to find the motivation within each individual debtor, create a sense of urgency and collect the balance in full.  If all efforts for recovery in full have been exhausted, collectors may attempt to either negotiate a payment arrangement or recommend legal action, based on prior arrangements agreed to by the client.


If a payment arrangement offers the best chances for recovery, we generally will work to resolve the debt within an interim 90-day arrangement, after which the account will be reviewed for any further resolution or action required.


Only when all other collection options have been exhausted, AIH empowers collectors to research and identify accounts for which legal action offers a reasonable cost/benefit ratio. We then mail an affidavit, suit request and detailed due diligence report on such accounts for your review and consideration. No filing can proceed without a client’s written approval.


AIH remits payment the third week of each month for all receipts from the prior month. Accompanying the remittance check is a detailed report showing the date and amount of collection for each account that paid, less AIH’s fees based on our established fee arrangement.

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