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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your basic style and approach to collections?

A: At AIH, we believe in the untold power of highly skilled third-party collectors. Successful debt recovery comes not simply from making the call, but from who makes the call. Part art and part science, collections require a special expertise and understanding of nuance—it’s about the ability to convert an unresponsive debtor into a motivated payer. Our approach is always firm but professional. We focus on collecting the balance in full, while protecting the interests of clients and preserving valuable relationships between clients and their debtors.

Q: When should we place an account with collections?

A: The sooner, the better. Experience shows that, the older the account, the harder it is to collect. A good rule of thumb is to turn over accounts when they are 60 days past due. This lets AIH begin the process while the debt is still top-of-mind with the debtor, allowing collectors to leverage the value of immediacy and convey a sense of urgency and zero tolerance on unpaid balances.

Q: How should we handle calls we receive directly once your office has sent notice?

A: Once an account has been placed, clients should always refer related calls to AIH. If a debtor happens to pay a client directly, it is the client’s responsibility to notify AIH to ensure proper reconciliation and documentation of the paid debt.

Q: How are your fees determined?

A: There are no up-front costs, nor any charges for placing accounts with AIH. Fees are determined on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration a number of factors, including: the average size and age of accounts; the number of accounts placed; the method by which account information is provided; the amount of detail and documentation backing up the accounts; and whether our work is ongoing or a single collection.

Q: Do you report accounts to the credit bureaus?

Working with the credit bureaus is an important and valuable tool in the collections process. Because reporting to the credit bureaus can significantly expedite or incentivize debt repayment, we include it as part of our agreement with clients at no charge. This helps ensure that all forces are brought to bear on our efforts to maximize the receivables we collect. Typically, we will report to the credit bureaus about 45 days after placement of the account.

Q: How do you make decisions to compromise account balances/make settlement proposals?

Decisions to accept less than the balance in full or make special arrangements for payment are based on the anticipated best-case scenario after collectors have worked the account extensively without result. Recommendations involve negotiation with both the client and the debtor, and often are instigated by the debtor himself/herself. AIH will never make offers to compromise account balances or settle the account without full knowledge and approval of the client.

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